Our Company

Since the 50’s until 1990, our operations centered around manufacturing of crystals. 

Since then, KVE has evolved to being the leading supplier of Quartz components. We have kept the great collected knowledge of crystals and oscillators within the company. This is now of great benefit to our customers in the form of technical support, Measurement services and evaluation / monitoring of our new suppliers and their products.

A brief history in time

Follow along the history of Kvartselektronik AB


The company was founded under the name Svenska Elektroinstument by Einar Lagerström. Einar with a background as a test manager in the Swedish army radioequipment department started his own manufacturing of crystals for adjustment  of radiofrequencies. The manufacturing methods were simple; using gramophone works, a glass plate, grinding powder and a quartz disc in which by hand was grinded and polished to the desired frequence. After a while, staff we employed and the company started growing. The following years saw a rise of a more modern methods of manufacturing along with a deeper expertise. This in turn placed the company as a central knowledge hub, providing know-how to the industry in regards of measurment, and evaluation of other reliable crystal manufacturers as well as excellent customer care allowing the company to be deeply engaged in customers projects.

timeline photo - 1950


Changed the name to Kvartseletronik AB. The manufacturing was getting more complemented by import of crystals and oscillators. The import section grew fast and a network of suppliers spanning from the US to Japan took form.

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KVE partnered up with TEW, Tokyo Denpa whos broad assortment of high quality crystals led to KVE becoming a leading crystal supplier in the nordics during the 80’s.

timeline photo - 1980


KVE stopped manufacturing crystals and was now fully commited to becoming an agency. This was done through the acquiring of BST Electronic AB with its big supplier Seiko Epson whos surface mountable crystals and oscillators made a big impect in the industry.

timeline photo - 1989


Acquired Eklöws elektronikavdelning which in turn broadened the product range to include inductors, transformers, filters resonators, stepper motors, photocells, LED’s etc.

image of component dashboard


Further broadening of the product range by partnering up with new suppliers like NICERA which provided sensors, Electroluminescent film from SEIKO precision and LEDs from MARL.

timeline photo - 1995


As KVE turned 20 years old and while having a broad product range, the main revenue stems from quartz components. Alot has changed and the little crystal agency has become more diverse in products and has grown exponentially.

timeline photo - 1996


An eventful year. Kvartselektronik OY was created in the outskirts of Helsinki, Finland. We expanded our premises and acquired more measuring equipment for testing of crystals and oscillators. KVE was awarded ”most distinguished supplier 1996” from ABB Network Partner, ABB Industrial Systems and from Benefon, Finland.

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KVE is certified in 2001 for environment according to 14001:2004 and in 2002 for quality according to 9001:2000



BST Electronic AB and KVE merges in order to streamline operations and create synergy, all the suppliers are now under the same roof as well as the know-how.

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Bolagsgruppen Lotorp acquires KVE as part of their wider strategy to integrate and develop similar companies in this branch.

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KVE blue logo

represents some of the world's most renowned

crystal manufacturers

With the help of our manufacturers' product offerings, we can now offer our customers a full range of Quartz components. Epson Toyocom, Hosonic and Hooray are the names of some of our suppliers.

Environmental Policy

KVE's environmental policy requires that the operations are conducted in such a way that:

  • It does not contribute to the emptying of Earth's finite stocks of raw materials or their residue spread and allowed to grow in the wild.

  • It does not contribute to the persistent nature of foreign substances are spread or allowed to grow in the wild.

  • Energy and resources are used as efficient as possible.

  • We do not have any fraction of unsorted waste.

  • We to a great extent as possible put the environmental criteria on the agenda in the choice of suppliers.

  • We always meet the conditions for the current national environmental laws, regulations and rules for our business.

Climate Compensation

KVE has an active environmental commitment and we want to help to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. We have therefore chosen to Climate Compensate for the outlet of carbon dioxide caused by our company's business by planting trees and buying allowances. Climate Compensation is no long-term solution to climate change, in the future the long-term energy we consume must be completely renewable. But until then we see no other alternative but to compensate the greenhouse gases that remain after the measures we have taken to reduce our emissions

General Terms of Delivery Agreements IML 2009

Adopted in 2008 by the IM Association - the Swedish trade association for suppliers of electronics and automation.