New partner to deliver advanced storage solutions

Exascend, a leader in industrial-grade flash storage solutions, joins forces with SAGA Components to offer innovative storage technology to a wider audience.

This partnership combines Exascend's advanced storage technology withSAGA Components' industrial-grade components.

Exascend offers a comprehensive range of storage products, includingPCIe SSDs, SATA SSDs, BGA SSDs, e.MMC, DRAM, and memory cards, tailored to meetthe stringent requirements of mission-critical, automotive, manufacturing, anddata center industries.

Among Exascends product lineup are award-winning automotive-grade BGASSDs (AS500 series), engineered to withstand automotive-grade temperatures(-40°C to 105°C) and extreme shock and vibration, ensuring sustained peakperformance. Additionally, their latest series of Radiation-hardened PCIe NVMeSSDs (PR4 series) ensures advanced radiation-induced bit flip correction anddual-copy firmware protection. In critical situations, the PR4 SSD seamlesslytransitions into safe mode, autonomously resetting from fatal errors to ensureuninterrupted operations.

This partnership between Exascend and SAGA Components represents acommitment to delivering top-tier storage solutions to customers in the Nordicregion, ensuring reliability, performance, and innovation in every product.