Buzzers & Resistors

Essential Components for Sound Signaling and Circuit Control

Saga Components offers an extensive selection of buzzers and resistors, catering to the wide-ranging needs of our clients' projects. Our buzzers come in various forms, including piezoelectric, magnetic, and electromechanical types, each suited for specific applications and sound output requirements. Whether you need a subtle beep for a medical device or a loud alarm for safety equipment, our range provides the versatility and reliability your projects demand.

Indicators, Transducers, Sirens, Piezo Plates, Speakers, Receivers, Microphones, IC(amplifier, audio processor and more) .
Altmann Potentiometer
Singleturn-Potentiometer, Multiturn-Potentiometer, Linear-Potentiometer, Gear-Potentiometer, Motor-Potentiometer, Foil-Potentiometer, Individual Solutions, Accessory Components, LVDT, Printed Elements.
DB Products
Transducer, Buzzer, Piezo element, Microphone, Speaker, Receiver, Ultrasonic.
Resistors, standard and custom.
High-voltage, power, shunt, microwave and thermal sensor resistors in efficient packages.
Royal Ohm
Wide range of resistors.
NTC Thermistors, custom and standard
Thermistors, NTC-resistor, PTC resistors, Varistors, etc.
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