Inductive Components

Powering Efficiency and Precision in Electronic Circuits

Inductive components, including transformers, inductors, and coils, are fundamental to the operation of electronic circuits, playing a critical role in managing and manipulating electromagnetic energy. These components are vital for a range of applications, from filtering and signal processing to energy storage and transfer. Their ability to store energy in a magnetic field and then release it makes them indispensable in power supply design, RF communications, and in the increasingly important realm of wireless charging technology.

inductive components
3 L Coils
lnductors, Transformers, Coils.
Inductors, Chokes, Custom coils, Filters, Toroids, Ferrites and beads.
Standard and customized inductive components.
Chip Inductors, Transponder Coils, Leaded inductors, Suppression coils, Plugable inductors, Wide band chokes and beads, SMD power inductors, Rod core chokes, Toroid line chokes, Standard metal enclosures.
Gang Song
Inductors, Chokes, SMD inductors, DIP inductors, SMT Shielded power inductors, Toroids.
KUK Wijdeven
Air coils, Bobbin coils, Tranformers, Assemblies, PCB assemblies.
Powder cores and magnets.
New Tunirama
Chokes transformers, Potentiometers and switches.
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