KVE offers a wide range of products from frequency products and power supplies to Sensors, Opto and other components. We work with low-end as well as customized high-end devices.

Aside from our wide range of components, we value a high level of customer service all the way to technical design consulting.  By mantaining a close relationship with our suppliers we are able to provide the right solution with flexible logistics to all kinds of customers. In our world, we only have important customers.

Frequency Products

As the backbone of KVEs components we take pride in offering the most sofisticated product range available when it comes to frequency products. Providing solutions from low-end cost effective solutions to more high-end components we engage in a wide spectrum of applications in areas such as security, aerospace to IOT to name a few.

Power Supplies

Power Outlet represents leading manufacturers of Power Supplies for Military applications, Avionics, Aerospace, Railway, Medical, Industrial Power. Our contacts with leading manufacturers along with our know-how ensures that we will find the best Power Supply solution for your project and application.

Sensors & Opto

KVE provides sensors from the leading manufacturers. Deeply involved in various IOT applications, we take pride in providing accurate solutions to our customers.


Working with KVE you get access to the newest technology, up to date production capabilities, it is an ideal partner to develop and supply (make it wireless) your electronic device. Spanning through various applications, we can confidently provide you with the right components.